Our Value To You

The accounting and technology professions are undergoing tremendous transformation. Consolidation, economic, consumer, and regulatory pressures, the need to plan for succession and the proper balance of new and existing initiatives are just a few examples of the changes driving our practice clients today. Service providers, publishers, and associations find that they must now expand their channel and program offerings to help their clients or members address these issues.

At ConvergenceCoaching, LLC, our focus is to help our clients achieve success within this dynamic environment by assessing your firm’s current state, recommending ways to capitalize on the opportunities and mitigate weaknesses, coaching your team in all areas of practice management, and adding skilled CC, LLC “teammates” who understand your business or practice whenever you need to expand your resources.

We also help our channel clients achieve success by offering our experience in launching programs and developing CPA channels, coaching and training key leaders, managing projects, and assisting with revenue growth, marketing, and sales efforts while you continue to focus on your business.

Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Access to our expertise and knowledge without the cost of additional employees
  • The reassurance that you’ve selected a team committed to make a difference for you with many highly referenceable clients
  • Working with our group of trusted professionals who maintain the highest levels of integrity
  • Our ability to quickly identify and/or restore your competitive advantage and differentiators
  • Our holistic approach designed to take your practice or organization to the next level, accelerate your profit, and grow your team, if that is your goal
  • Enhanced peace of mind when we help you identify and eliminate unity issues, unnecessary risk factors or leadership burdens
  • A tailored program, designed to meet your unique objectives
  • Our extraordinary breadth of soft skills courses and the ability to develop customized leadership and partner development programs for your firm
  • Our resources and tools to aid in knowledge transfer so you can easily implement our strategies
  • Gaining an increased sense of clarity, team, and focus that ultimately results in realizing your objectives

For more information about how ConvergenceCoaching can help your firm achieve success, contact Brianna Johnson at (402) 639-4132.