Rainmaker Development Program®

The ability to develop business is a skill that most firms seek in their future leaders. It is also the one area where professionals feel most uncomfortable. If you have a group of professionals who wish to become better business developers, consider incorporating our Rainmaker Development Program® (RDP) into your learning programs. This 6-9 month program provides a mix of learning and “real life” experiential activities to build real skills in personal marketing and business development.

When you offer an RDP in your firm, you’ll first identify a “guerilla team” of 12 team members who must opt in to participate. Ideally, each participant will be assigned an in-firm coach that you will identify and that person will help mentor them through the program.

Our standard program entails six virtual roundtables that teach participants critical personal marketing and business development concepts. Between roundtables, your RDP participants will be tasked to complete assignments with support from their in-firm coaches, reporting their progress by a specific date. In each subsequent roundtable, we discuss challenges and successes, learn the material for the next concept and agree on a new assignment to facilitate real learning and progress.

The specific topics taught in each RDP are customized based on your firm’s goals and the experience level of the group you identify. Some of the more typical topics include:

  • Developing as a Rainmaker
  • Making a Bigger Difference for Your Clients
  • Building Your Sphere of Influence
  • Developing Referral Sources and Tracking Your Rainmaking Activities
  • Sales Strategies to Close More Business
  • Furthering Your Target Accounts

Individual coaching for RDP participants by a ConvergenceCoaching coach can optionally be included in your firm’s program.

If you have one or a few individuals interested in building these skills, consider enrolling them in our public Rainmaker Development Program®. ConvergenceCoaching’s public RDP follows a similar format as the in-firm version, with a group of 12 individuals from a variety of firms who desire to elevate their rainmaking and personal marketing skills. The 12 participants will engage in 6 virtual roundtables, with video cameras deployed, on buildable topics related to business development. In between roundtables, participants complete homework assignments and practice the strategies discussed in our sessions. In each subsequent roundtable, the group discusses challenges and successes, learns the material for the next marketing or business development topic, and agrees on new assignments to facilitate real learning and progress. When the program ends, the participants will have gained tactical strategies for developing and closing new business for the firm and ways to boost their personal marketing and thought leadership as a result.

Stay tuned for our Rainmaker Development Program® dates and times for 2020. 

If you would like to learn more about the program or the possibility of facilitating a custom in-firm RDP, please contact us.