Leadership and Personality Assessments

The first step to driving personal growth and development is to assess your “current state” and gain insights into your strengths, preferences, and default ways that you approach your work.  We help leaders assess themselves and their team members using several different tools, providing self-discovery and insight into strengths that can be capitalized on and areas for development and growth.

Leadership Assessments

Conducting leadership assessments provides a current picture of your leadership skills and assists you in enhancing your ability to inspire and lead others in the future.  At ConvergenceCoaching, we use several assessment tools that you can complete for yourself and also gain input from your supervisors, peers, or subordinates to obtain a well-rounded picture of your leadership, including:

  • Leadership Attributes Evaluation – This assessment will provide insights across 20 different leadership behaviors to identify your particular leadership strengths and areas for improvement or focus
  • Personal SWOT – An analysis of your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) identifies your personal gifts, talents, and abilities, those things about you that can use improvement, and your personal opportunities or threats – those things in your community, clients, competitors, family, etc. that enhance your career or pose a threat to it
  • 360 Degree Online Leadership Survey – A short, 8-10 question leadership survey provides a sense of your desires and goals for your role as a leader, your areas of contribution, and areas you can enhance as a leader based on your personal observations and those of your superiors, peers, and subordinates
  • Individual Interviews – Short telephone interviews with you and other individuals who input to your leadership assessments  provides additional insights into what more you can do to enhance your leadership abilities

The input received from these various assessments can then be summarized together with your Myers-Briggs or DISC assessment results (described below) to identify your top priorities or goals to address in your  leadership program.

Personality Assessments

Personality assessments offer the unique ability to gain an increased understanding of your personality preferences and the diverse personalities of your teammates.  You can use this understanding to developtargeted strategies to improve leadership and cultivate teamwork by enhancing communication, understanding, and tolerance.

At ConvergenceCoaching, we administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DISC assessments to help leaders identify individual and team personality types and preferences, including the similarities and differences among your group.  From there, individuals or teams will better understand their leadership, communication, and decision-making preferences at work and can then make plans and commitments for changed behavior that best use individual strengths and preferences, promote collaboration, and drive results.

Personality assessments, used in conjunction with individual coaching, team training, or strategic planning meetings, provide a foundation for ongoing leadership development for your existing and future leaders.  Increased understanding about individual and team personality types will also enhance team effectiveness and empower all to embrace the diversity in your firm.

To find out more about our leadership and personality assessment services and coaching, training, or retreats, including how our leadership assessments can enhance your leadership ability or the ability of other team members and how the MBTI and DISC assessments can enhance your team’s communication, teamwork, and effectiveness, contact Tamera Loerzel by email or (952) 226-1780.