Happy 15th Anniversary to ConvergenceCoaching!
Jennifer Wilson

April 1, 2015 marks the 15th year since the inception of ConvergenceCoaching, LLC – and what a great journey so far!

As ConvergenceCoaching has grown, we are so grateful for the wonderful client relationships and professional friendships we’ve forged. We are so fortunate to have clients who have been with us since the beginning and new firm relationships we’re honored to develop each year. We are continually inspired by the transformations that occur when we work together to drive change, grow as leaders and set the stage for ongoing success.

And, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the cohesive, flexible, go-getting and knowledgeable Convergence team members. In honor of this special day, we asked each team member to share their thoughts about ConvergenceCoaching – past, present or future:

Tamera Loerzel, Partner
Tamera LoerzelMy favorite memory is when Jen said to me a few months after starting ConvergenceCoaching, “Jim and I started this business and we have three clients and no health insurance, but you can work from home in your yoga pants – and we’re going to build something!” And, we have, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve built while navigating the changes in our market, economy, team and clients. It just keeps getting better and stronger! We get to make a difference every single day to help leaders be the very best they can be. This makes our team and business great and has helped so many firms around the country become more fabulous organizations where their people are inspired to work and can passionately make a difference for others.

For the next 15 years, I pray that we will continue to be blessed with such talented, gifted and fun team members and wonderful clients who allow us the privilege of participating in their leadership journey and helping them achieve personal success and success in their organizations.

Jack Lee, Partner
Jack LeeThere are so many best and favorite parts about working for ConvergencCoaching, so I’ll limit myself to three. First, I love the care and concern that we share for each other as colleagues and for all of our clients. This comes through in our desire and drive to help each other and our clients develop as successful leaders, not only in business but every aspect of life. Second, I love the daily gift of learning, growing and getting better. I value our shared commitment to learning every day for the rest of our lives. Finally, I love our “have fun” culture that carries us through the day to day adversity, challenge and stress with a spirit of joy and laughter.

It’s hard to choose one memory as the best, but it’s hard to top the 2,500 mile round trip to Rapid City, SD on my Harley Davidson Road Glide for our partner retreat with Casey Peterson and Associates in June 2010.

In regards to Jack’s hopes for the future, he said, Keep learning and growing and having fun. Get out of the way of the next generation. Cheer on their success.

Ruth Richter, Senior Consultant
Ruth RichterRuth responded that her favorite part about working for ConvergenceCoaching is the team interaction. I like the camaraderie with professionals. While we do not see each other frequently, we stay in close touch each week.

Her favorite memory of being with the company was during a team trip: Our trip to Las Vegas was a wonderful time to work together and have a great time together – seeing Mamma Mia!

[I hope] that our company can continue to make a positive impact in the accounting community because of the positive and important impact the profession has on the world.

Sylvia Lane, Consultant
Sylvia LaneOne of the good things about working for Convergence is that it has made me a better coach myself. I am more aware of my own strengths as I help identify those for others. I am also more organized and “outcome focused.”

One of my fond memories is of coming to Omaha as a new consultant with Convergence and meeting the rest of the team as well as the rest of Jen’s family. I recognized that our coaching team was also a family. We worked together. We played together. We learned to support each other and also to give constructive criticism. After returning, I still recognized that I had joined a warm and positive life circle whose purpose was for my own growth as well as to support the growth of our clients.

I expect Convergence Coaching to continue to stand out in the community of CPAs and IT professionals as a firm that makes a difference in their continuing success.

Michelle Baca, Consultant
Michelle BacaBeing able to witness our clients’ personal transformations continues to be my favorite part of working with ConvergenceCoaching. It is the best feeling when someone comes up to you at the end of a workshop or session to tell you about an insight or personal shift that they had or when you receive an e-mail from a client who is sharing a success or breakthrough.

My favorite memory is being with the CCLLC team members all at once and in-person for our strategic planning meeting in Omaha. Since we are a virtual team with our team members spread out around the country, we don’t see each other in person very often and when we do, it is usually just one or two team members at a time. So, it was very special for all of us to be together in one room.

My hope for the next fifteen years is that the trickle effect from the positive results that our clients achieve expands even more. So that not only are we affecting the people we work directly with but that we are also affecting those that our clients come into contact with. Hopefully, they will be so inspired and positively transformed that they feel compelled to share their success strategies with others and serve as teachers and coaches of the strategies and methods that we teach and believe in so strongly.

Renee Moelders, Consultant
reneephotoI’m constantly grateful for the flexibility CC, LLC offers me. I commute to my upstairs home office every day, saving myself from a 1 hour plus daily commute. I love being here when my kids leave for school, seeing them when they come in from the bus stop, making dinner for the family. I feel like a more well-rounded person – a “make a difference” employee, an attentive mother, a loving and more relaxed wife. Not everyone is afforded such an opportunity and I am thankful to CC, LLC for making it possible.

Brianna Johnson, Consultant
Brianna Marth photoWorking for ConvergenceCoaching has been a wonderful experience since the very beginning. I am continuously motivated by the work that we do and the variety of that very work. We’re always moving, always seeking to provide the utmost value for our clients, and always supporting each other as team members in our professional and personal endeavors. It’s a wonderful team to be a part of and an excellent mission to be pursuing as a team. Among the coaching, practice consulting, training and various other types of work we do, we have great opportunities to make a difference and solve challenges. (And on a lighter note, I have this great memory of scooping popcorn into tiny bags for a conference in Las Vegas with Jennifer and Tamera, laughing that there’s always something new in the ConvergenceCoaching world!)

I believe that ConvergenceCoaching will continue to evolve and stay on top of trends in the profession and in the corporate world and developing new ways to help our clients become stronger leaders and their firms attain new levels of success. Here’s to the next 15 years!

Amy Denman, Technology and Education Manager
AmyBioPic2014I like that what we teach our students is also what we embody in our company – things like communication, responsibility, and integrity. So many companies are focused on the bottom line, they miss out on building and encouraging not just good work, but good people! We are supportive of each other in all facets of life; not just work. We encourage each other and applaud each other’s successes, and we all strive to be better, to do better. I’d like to see us grow in our offerings and continue to lead the way in work/life integration concepts.

Jennifer Eby, Administrative Coordinator
Jen EbyI love the fact that ConvergenceCoaching is a virtual company. Convergence has employees in multiple states, which would typically propose numerous challenges. With great leadership and coaching from our president Jennifer Wilson, our relationships and communication are extremely strong. Working for Convergence the last 12 years has allowed me to grow as a person and given me opportunities I would not have had with other companies. Jennifer Wilson is a great leader – she is caring and generous towards her employees. I’m very proud to say I work for Convergence Coaching.

I feel so blessed to work with such bright, talented, caring and creative people. They are my work family and together, we are striving to make a BIG difference in this world and in the lives of others. I have many favorite aspects of our business but I’ll name just a few here: I love driving positive change and transformation in people and watching that impact their firms and communities. I love witnessing growth and achievement by our team members as they learn new skills and deepen their knowledge in a specific area. I love interacting with the brightest and best in the profession – both within my own firm and within the client, consultant and association communities in which we interact. Most of all, I love the deep, genuine love and laughter I share with my colleagues. Lucky, lucky us!

I am also thankful for my family and the families of our team members for their ongoing support of our company and our work. Their belief and encouragement in pursuing our passion is monumental and I appreciate their continued embrace of balancing our personal lives with our professional world.

As I reflect back on the founding of this business 15 years, ago, I owe a special thanks to my co-founder and BFF, Jim Metzler for helping bring this firm to life.

For the next 15 years and beyond, I pray that we continue to identify opportunities for making a difference by developing leadership and transforming teams. I am so encouraged by the exciting changes taking place in the CPA profession and believe that there are abundant possibilities for firms within it to grow and thrive.

Thank you for being with us on this journey – we look forward to collaborating with you in the bright future ahead!



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