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Apr 26 2017

Leadership Spotlight: Chris Roberts, Director of Talent Management, Mazars USA LLP

2017-04-26T08:28:13-05:00April 26th, 2017|HR/Organizational Development, Leadership, Personal Development, Retention Strategies|

We are excited to introduce you to Chris Roberts, Director of Talent Management at Mazars USA LLP, who is the focus of this issue of Leadership Spotlight. Chris leads the talent management and employee experience for his firm, taking a fresh look at the firm’s talent practices to ensure they support an evolving workforce and [...]

Apr 12 2017

Making Straight Lines Out of Triangles

2017-04-12T10:51:57-05:00April 12th, 2017|HR/Organizational Development, Leadership, Personal Development|

At ConvergenceCoaching, we strive to help our learners incorporate the concepts from our training into their daily life and patterns of work. One way we help participants accomplish this is to ask them to make one commitment – to choose one action or behavioral change to commit to out of our discussions. In looking back over [...]

Mar 30 2017

Gen Z: An Introduction to the Next Wave of Talent

2017-03-30T15:49:24-05:00March 30th, 2017|Current Affairs, HR/Organizational Development, Next Generation, Recruiting, Retention Strategies|

When it comes to talent, practice management and impacting forces, the buzzword heard round the leadership table has been “Millennial” for quite some time. Now, we’re beginning to hear murmurs about Generation Z and the impact they’ll make. As a Millennial myself, I’m hyperaware of the various stereotypes of my age cohort, so I’ll admit [...]

Mar 14 2017

Buy-in to the Benefits of Mature Hires — Even as Beginners

2017-03-14T10:09:34-05:00March 14th, 2017|HR/Organizational Development, Recruiting, Retention Strategies|

Earlier this year while training first year staff at a national training conference for a Top 15 firm, I was struck by the diversity in my classes, including women and men, people from all cultures and backgrounds, as well as non-natives to the United States. What really caught my eye, however, was the span of [...]

Feb 16 2017

The Biggest Barrier to Anytime, Anywhere Work™ – Sludge

2017-02-16T08:40:09-06:00February 16th, 2017|Anytime Anywhere Work™, HR/Organizational Development, Leadership, Next Generation, Retention Strategies|

More Results from Our 2016 Anytime, Anywhere Work™ (ATAWW™) Survey Technology. Client acceptance. Training new staff members. Accessibility and responsiveness. These are just some of the objections firm leaders give for resisting virtual work environments. However, we believe – and have seen – that all of these issues are generally tactical and not that difficult [...]

Feb 8 2017

Tapping into Your Personality Type to Navigate Changes at Work

2017-02-08T11:51:06-06:00February 8th, 2017|HR/Organizational Development, Personal Development|

I have recently been coaching a young woman,” Joyce,” who has been successful at work in the IT industry.  She was challenged intellectually in her role helping clients effectively use her technology services to grow and manage their businesses. She enjoyed being part of her clients’ success as they implemented the ideas and solutions she [...]

Dec 15 2016

Flexible Firms Are Moving to Unlimited PTO Programs

2016-12-15T09:24:00-06:00December 15th, 2016|Anytime Anywhere Work™, HR/Organizational Development, Recruiting, Retention Strategies|

More Results from Our 2016 Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survey With the emphasis on flexible work programs in CPA firms, it’s no surprise that Unlimited PTO has become a hot topic. Employees are drawn to the idea that they could take as much time off as they would like as long as the work gets done.  [...]

Nov 17 2016

Seven Technology Strategies to Enable Your Flexible Work Programs

2016-11-17T17:24:48-06:00November 17th, 2016|Anytime Anywhere Work™, HR/Organizational Development, Next Generation, Retention Strategies|

More Results from Our 2016 Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survey At ConvergenceCoaching, we’re big proponents of Anytime, Anywhere Work™, or programs that allow employees to have greater control over when and where they get work done. Every one of our employees is virtual and works from home offices or on the road while visiting clients. We’re [...]

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