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ARE YOU A DISTRACTED DRIVER? As our society continues to get increasingly busy, it seems we are also getting more and more distracted.  We are all multi-tasking to try and complete everything we have to get done on a daily basis, and the rush of it all has become detrimental to our well being. Unfortunately, […]
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Leadership Lessons From The Boy Under the Stairs

Most of us would have to have been stranded on a deserted island to miss the fact that last week the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise was released, and it broke every record for box office gross on opening day. However, what many people don’t realize is this movie means the end of […]
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Nature or Nurture – How do we Mold our Future Young Leaders?

As a mother of three and a member of the ConvergenceCoaching team, the topic of leadership always seems to work its way into my conversations.  It got me thinking, “What is our responsibility as leaders, parents or mentors to ensure that we are doing what it takes to mold future leaders?” I believe leadership is […]
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I’m Too Busy to Help

I find myself repeating that simple phrase all too often.  To my kids.  My husband. My friends.  It’s a fact of life for all of us.  We multi-task, do our jobs, run the errands, and generally over-schedule every waking minute of every day.  As a result, we’re all “busy,” and I’m no exception.  My colleague, Jennifer Wilson, asked whether […]
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