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Jack G. Lee III, CPA is a partner of ConvergenceCoaching, LLC, a national consulting firm dedicated to developing leaders and transforming teams through coaching, practice consulting, strategic planning and learning and development. Jack brings proven leadership and business development capabilities and is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions to help our clients grow and succeed.
Jun 26 2014

To Get Better: Coach and Be Coached

2014-06-26T12:43:44-05:00June 26th, 2014|HR/Organizational Development, Leadership, Personal Development, Succession|

When you look at our Transformational Leadership Program (TLP), which is now starting its third year, one of the first things you’ll notice is the extensive practice of coaching. All TLP participants are assigned a TLP coach from ConvergenceCoaching and an in-firm coach from their respective firms. That’s a serious emphasis on coaching! As a [...]

Apr 30 2014

Go Deeper in Your Relationships – Starting Now

2014-04-30T13:48:45-05:00April 30th, 2014|Leadership, Personal Development|

At the beginning of March, I attended the memorial service for Dave Morgan. I’ve know Dave for more than 10 years. I knew that he played college football at the University of Kansas. I knew that he was a math teacher at Cedarburg High School. I knew that he had a wonderful wife named Heidi [...]

Jan 23 2014

Are You a Drainer or a Replenisher?

2014-01-23T09:02:11-06:00January 23rd, 2014|Leadership, Personal Development|

As we come to the end of the year, everyone gets caught up with the wonderful idea of a “new year” in which we can wipe the slate clean, start fresh and get (even more) serious about achieving the goals that eluded us in the “old year” that just ended. And just a few weeks [...]

Nov 20 2013

Keep on Keeping On

2013-11-20T15:16:31-06:00November 20th, 2013|Leadership, Personal Development|

I continue to be caught up with the aspiration of getting better, yet still find myself confused and discouraged by how hard it is to move from the “idea” to reality. As Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans, “I have the desire to do what is good but I cannot carry it out.” [...]

Sep 18 2013

A Wedding and Funeral

2013-09-18T02:15:19-05:00September 18th, 2013|Personal Development|

At the beginning of September, I traveled with my family to Nebraska to celebrate our nephew Zach’s marriage to Tori. On arriving that Thursday evening, we were met with the sad news of the death of a long time family friend, Bud Oltman. So an unplanned Saturday morning funeral was added to a weekend already [...]

Jul 17 2013

Change: Getting Restarted

2013-07-17T02:05:38-05:00July 17th, 2013|Personal Development|

In my last blog, I focused on the overwhelming and ever present reality of change, and our need to adapt and respond to it, not merely to survive, but to get better and thrive. Most of us exhibit avoidance, dislike and fear when it comes to facing change. I want to continue honestly exploring the [...]

May 15 2013

Change: Getting Unstuck

2013-05-15T01:23:20-05:00May 15th, 2013|Leadership, Personal Development|

Through life experience in various settings – whether in business, at church, or at home – I have observed that the most difficult challenge we face is change.  Whether it involves changing attitudes or behaviors, most of us don’t like it.  As shown below in Geoffrey Moore’s diagram on change management, over 80% of people [...]

Nov 7 2012

To Live Better: Die a Little

2012-11-07T14:48:39-06:00November 7th, 2012|HR/Organizational Development, Leadership, Personal Development|

To Live Better:  Die a Little In past blogs, I’ve written on challenging topics such as goal setting, people development, and succession planning, along with resolving conflict, starting an exercise program, and most recently being vulnerable. In each case, I’ve tried to explain “why” these topics matter in our lives, and have offered ideas on [...]

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