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About Brianna Johnson

Brianna Johnson is a consultant with ConvergenceCoaching, LLC, a national consulting firm dedicated to developing leaders and transforming teams through coaching, practice consulting, strategic planning and learning and development. She is a speaker, writer and facilitator within the CPA profession on topics related to practice management, talent, practice growth and business development. Brianna works with individuals and teams to apply new methods for collaborating, communicating and creating pathways for achieving goals. A Millennial, she is passionate about promoting the values, interests and motivators of NextGen talent and clients.
May 24 2017

Maintaining Rapport and Trust In a Virtual World

2017-05-24T13:14:47-05:00May 24th, 2017|Anytime Anywhere Work™, Client Retention, Communication, Personal Development|

“The foundation of the client relationship is in jeopardy.” “How can I build rapport with someone if I’m never face-to-face with them?” “I need to shake someone’s hand to feel related to them.” When we talk about moving toward a more remote service and staffing model and embracing Anytime, Anywhere Work™, we often hear objections [...]

Apr 26 2017

Leadership Spotlight: Chris Roberts, Director of Talent Management, Mazars USA LLP

2017-04-26T08:28:13-05:00April 26th, 2017|HR/Organizational Development, Leadership, Personal Development, Retention Strategies|

We are excited to introduce you to Chris Roberts, Director of Talent Management at Mazars USA LLP, who is the focus of this issue of Leadership Spotlight. Chris leads the talent management and employee experience for his firm, taking a fresh look at the firm’s talent practices to ensure they support an evolving workforce and [...]

Mar 30 2017

Gen Z: An Introduction to the Next Wave of Talent

2017-03-30T15:49:24-05:00March 30th, 2017|Current Affairs, HR/Organizational Development, Next Generation, Recruiting, Retention Strategies|

When it comes to talent, practice management and impacting forces, the buzzword heard round the leadership table has been “Millennial” for quite some time. Now, we’re beginning to hear murmurs about Generation Z and the impact they’ll make. As a Millennial myself, I’m hyperaware of the various stereotypes of my age cohort, so I’ll admit [...]

Feb 22 2017

Leadership Spotlight: John D. Sensiba, Managing Partner, Sensiba San Filippo LLP

2017-02-22T11:44:43-06:00February 22nd, 2017|Leadership, Personal Development, Transformational Leadership|

This month’s Leadership Spotlight features John D. Sensiba, Managing Partner of Sensiba San Filippo LLP. John directs the firm’s strategic plan and market growth, provides oversight on all executive and operational decisions and leads the firm’s team in the delivery of superior client service. On the technical side, John specializes in providing accounting, business consulting [...]

Jan 25 2017

Leadership Spotlight: Jina Etienne, President & CEO, NABA

2017-01-25T17:34:40-06:00January 25th, 2017|Leadership, Next Generation, Personal Development|

We are thrilled to feature Jina Etienne, President and CEO of the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA) as our first Leadership Spotlight of 2017. Jina is a bright up-and-comer in our profession who leads the day-to-day operations of NABA’s national office and provides strategic direction and leadership for the organization. Prior to her [...]

Nov 30 2016

Leadership Spotlight: Krystal Siebrandt, Partner, HBE Becker Meyer Love LLP

2016-11-30T12:02:43-06:00November 30th, 2016|Leadership, Personal Development|

This month’s Leadership Spotlight features fellow Nebraskan, Krystal Siebrandt, a Partner at HBE Becker Meyer Love LLP. Krystal has over twelve years of experience on various profit, nonprofit and governmental organizations. She is active in the community, currently holding positions on the Saint Paul United Methodist Church Finance Committee and the Seniors Foundation and Friendship [...]

Oct 20 2016

Leadership Spotlight: Kimberly Hardy, Shareholder, Matthews, Cutrer & Lindsay, P.A.

2016-10-20T07:34:36-05:00October 20th, 2016|Leadership, Personal Development, Transformational Leadership|

In this leadership spotlight, we introduce you to Kim Hardy, Shareholder at Matthews, Cutrer & Lindsay, P.A. I had the pleasure of meeting Kim when we both participated in the 2013-14 class of our Transformational Leadership Program™ (TLP). Kim had great passion for her in-firm project during the program, which was to pilot increased flexibility [...]

Sep 16 2016

“Fall” Into Wellness

2016-09-16T09:49:47-05:00September 16th, 2016|HR/Organizational Development, Personal Development|

It’s hard to believe we’re already half way through the month of September. Hopefully, you have had a successful and productive eight and a half months so far and are gearing up for a strong finish in the remainder of the year. Many of you are working through your second busiest time of year with [...]

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