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Make Prioritization Easy with WTD Lists!

If you are like me, you’re always looking for ways to be more efficient and organized in getting your increasing list of tasks completed.  At ConvergenceCoaching, we employ an organizational technique that allows each of us to have an “at-a-glance” view of our own “work-to-do” (“WTD”) lists for the week that allows for easier prioritization [...]


Managing Anxiety in Busy Season

As we approach April 15th or other impending deadlines, whether we are the accountant or the client, we tend to get anxious.  It often feels like so much more to do than we can handle in the time allowed.  Just the word “Deadline” implies something stressful in itself.  Here are a few suggestions for changing [...]


Five Fundamentals of Flex Success

Our ConvergenceCoaching, LLC® 2018 Anytime, Anywhere Work™ (ATAWW) Survey results are due out October 22, and in them, I’m pretty sure we’ll hear at least a few participants say that flexible, remote work is not for everyone. Often people say that it requires a certain kind of worker, one who is self-motivated and driven. Or [...]


I’m Waving My White Flag!

I love being busy. My days go by fast and, when they do, I have the feeling of a successful day AND get the gratification of crossing off tasks from my work-to-do. I love being a “Yes” person to tasks, no matter the size, but it has its ups and downs. You see, there are [...]


My “Forgotten” Goal Setting Step: Reflection

5:03 a.m. came fast but there it was… my husband’s Fitbit alarm vibrating away on his wrist. Parsley, our youngest dog, army crawled out from his cave under our bed. Sleep time was over. As I stretched my arms and legs, inching my way out of bed, I reminded my husband of the plan. See, [...]


18 Ideas To Become More Focused in 2018

Welcome, 2018! The start of a new year brings with it a fresh perspective. A chance to center yourself and refocus your priorities. At the close of 2017, my colleague Tamera Loerzel and I taught a webinar for a client on effectively managing time and priorities. Like many other personal productivity and success strategies, time [...]


Orchestrating Balance

I am often asked, “How do you do it?” referencing my working full time with plenty of travel, raising three children, being married to a wonderful man going on 29 years, in addition to running, practicing yoga, and participating in church and other community activities. Just reading that list leaves me with “Wow, I’m not [...]


Helpful Resources For This Fall Busy Season

As you push toward the first deadline of your fall busy season, we wanted to share some helpful blog posts that can aid you in maintaining a positive outlook, dealing with communication issues you may be encountering, help you manage your packed schedule and wellness ideas. While you may feel “too busy” to read these [...]


Get More Done: Top 5 Time Management Strategies

With overflowing to-do lists, competing priorities and life’s distractions, many of us are struggling to manage our time effectively. At ConvergenceCoaching, we struggle, too, and have discovered that the key to becoming more effective isn’t about managing time at all. Rather, it is about managing ourselves and the way we spend our time.   When [...]


Our annual Holiday Exercise Streak kicks off on 11/28!

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