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Jennifer Wilson, Renee Moelders & Samantha Mansfield Speaking at the 2021 Digital CPA Conference

Nashville, TN: December 6-8th The ConvergenceCoaching® team will be speaking on the following topics at the 2021 Digital CPA Conference in Nashville, TN on December 6th -8th. Game-changing Talent Management Strategies: Jennifer Wilson & Samantha Mansfield - December 6th, 8:00- 10:45AM CT Solving the Capacity Challenge: Jennifer Wilson - December 7th, 1:30 - 2:45PM CT [...]


What Does It Take to Become a Thought Leader?

Firm leaders are struggling to balance the desire to grow and the squeeze we’re all feeling with the talent shortage. Becoming a thought leader is an answer by helping you focus your time to make a difference in areas where you are most passionate. To become a thought leader, you first have to answer the [...]


Personality Dynamics in Coaching

In our work with clients, we encourage using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) personality assessment to gain a better understanding of a leader’s preferences and how those preferences mirror or are different from others on their team. As a coach, we can use these insights about how they like to interact and communicate with others, [...]


Give Up These (BAD) Verbal Habits!

Communication continually comes up in employee surveys as a top area firms can improve and it’s often an area that leaders can improve individually, too. When we coach leaders in our leadership development programs and individual coaching programs, we often identify sneaky and unempowering verbal habits that, when addressed, can dramatically improve how others perceive [...]


Leadership Spotlight: Mark Koziel CPA, CGMA

This month, we have the amazing opportunity to learn more about our friend, Mark Koziel who is the AICPA’s Vice President – Firm Services & Global Alliances. Mark oversees the development, ongoing improvement and delivery of services to members in PCPS/Firm Practice Management as well as International relations with various CPA-related groups. Prior to joining [...]


Courageous Leadership

Courageous Leadership "To look at something as though we had never seen it before requires great courage." — Henri Matisse   I often find myself reflecting on how inspiring the leaders I coach are. Whether it’s our Transformational Leadership Program participants, Managing Partners, Executive Committees, staff in our training workshops or other individuals whom I [...]


From Reserved To Involved

From Reserved To Involved Are you new to management and wondering why you left managing money and numbers to managing people?  Are you more comfortable doing your own thing instead of working to get a group to agree?  Does the group drain you emotionally and the alone time pump you up?  If so, you are [...]


The Mother of All Fears

Spiders are scary, snakes are frightening and the fear of heights can be terrifying! But, the number one fear, according to The Book of Lists is the fear of public speaking. How could public speaking rank higher than even the fear of dying?  What makes it so scary? In this blog, I’ll explore reasons for [...]


Maximizing Our Remote Learning Opportunities

Remote and virtual learning activities are commonplace today. In fact, some people prefer the convenience and accessibility that these activities offer. But many have commented they miss the focus and engagement of being in-person for their learning activities. At ConvergenceCoaching®, we conduct learning in person and remotely and have learned that remote learning requires an [...]



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