Strategic HR and People Development Programs

78 million Baby Boomers, will turn over the helm to the next generation of leaders in the next decade. The trick is that they’ll need leaders to transfer to and truly capable successors are in increasingly short supply.

Your people are your most important asset. When they are motivated and engaged, anything is possible. With the impending labor shortage, your people have options! To engage the best and brightest, your firm’s culture must be progressive and inviting, your human resource (HR) programs top notch and your HR personnel empowered and supported.

At ConvergenceCoaching, LLC, we work with firms to enhance their people programs by providing strategic planning, coaching, consulting and training and development programs in a variety of HR areas. Consider engaging us for a wide-range of services designed to take your HR strategies to the next level and make your firm an inviting and engaging place to work, including:

HR Strategy and Planning

  • Conducting an HR assessment and strategic planning
  • Facilitating a leadership team meeting focused on improving culture and/or HR
  • Designing, deploying and analyzing an employee engagement survey
  • Facilitating your HR retreat
  • Reviewing your HR plan
  • Defining your HR team member roles
  • Coaching and supporting your HR team members

Recruiting Strategy and Support

  • Defining your HR recruiting story and why candidates should choose your firm
  • Identifying your cultural values to help you qualify candidates to maximize their fit within your firm and maximize diversity
  • Assisting in analyzing your screening processes and recommending improvements to ensure the right fit
  • Coaching your team in being more effective in finding, screening and securing key candidates
  • Utilizing current recruiting tools and social media platforms to help you source candidates
  • Providing guidance on more effective onboarding programs to ensure your new hire success
  • Training on proper recruiting techniques for both on-campus recruiting events and in-person and telephone screening

Learning and People Development

  • Training and development programs to enhance performance management and motivation and develop your firm’s people managers
  • Facilitating virtual roundtables for HR professionals
  • Guiding you in developing your firm’s competencies and expectations by level and discipline in your firm
  • Assisting you in creating one-size-fits-one career roadmaps that identify each person’s progression in your firm
  • Designing and executing upward evaluations for performance management
  • Creating your firm’s learning strategy and plan and mapping them to your firm competencies and learning ladders
  • Coaching your future leaders to help them advance to the next level
  • Coaching your people in delivering effective performance feedback and dealing with challenging HR situations
  • Delivering custom learning programs for your people including in-house leadership development and coaching programs

Employee Engagement and Retention

  • Determining how engaged your people are and strategies to enhance employee engagement
  • Identifying your people’s key employee motivators and how to engage your team members based on their key motivators
  • Coaching on HR program implementation including help with Anytime, Anywhere Work™ and performance management systems
  • Enhancing your firm’s ability to embrace diversity among your employees, including – generational, gender, and personality consulting and workshops
  • And more!

We offer a one-year Strategic HR Coaching Program for firm leaders and/or HR professionals which begins with an employee engagement survey to understand your firm’s areas of strength and areas needing improvement to impact employee engagement, retention and enhance recruiting, too. We have a long history of advising HR professionals within CPA firms and believe there is no more important time to invest in your people programs and the people who run them. For more information about our HR services, contact Brianna Johnson by email or (402) 639-4132.