Sylvia Lane
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Sylvia Lane is a member of ConvergenceCoaching, LLC, a national leadership and marketing consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders achieve success by helping them develop and implement leadership, succession, and marketing plans. Sylvia offers both knowledge and experience to our clients. She has spent much of her career helping individuals and groups make effective changes in their personal and professional lives with a consistent focus on action planning and tangible results. In addition, Sylvia is a qualified practitioner for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and spearheads ConvergenceCoaching’s Personality Assessment Program, helping teams understand differences in personalities and enhance communications, problem-solving, and how to utilize each team member’s strengths. Sylvia has taught clinical social work, human services, and psychology to undergraduate and graduate students. She has also worked in both private and public organizations in positions of leadership.

Sylvia maintains a part-time practice in psychotherapy and clinical consulting in Laguna Hills, CA, consulting primarily in the healthcare industry. One of her more notable achievements includes developing and supervising a program that provided social services to patients and their families for the Visiting Nurse Association of Orange County. She also provided human resources support to an engineering firm specializing in government contracting for construction and remodeling as well as environmental cleanup on military bases.

Sylvia completed her doctoral work with protégés of Carl Rogers, the father of the “person-centered” approach to psychology, and has maintained this principle as her focus – starting with the needs and goals of the client as the center of planning. This approach acknowledges the client as the expert on their issues and establishes appropriate ownership of the solution.

To maintain balance in her own life, Sylvia writes poetry, plays the flute, and is an avid golfer. She has also coached golfers on the mental mastery of the game and has offered volunteer counseling through local community organizations. Sylvia recommends and practices various disciplines to integrate mind, body, and spirit including yoga, Qi-Gong, regular exercise, and meditation.

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