Tending Your Small Business Clients

Busy season is a perfect time to deepen your relationship with your small business clients.  Below are four simple things to do this busy season to uncover opportunities to offer additional services and to help ensure client retention:   1.    Take a few extra minutes at the end of each client meeting or phone […]
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Waiting With Patience and Courage

For those of us who celebrate Christmas, we are in season of Advent, which is a season of waiting and expectation.  My pastor read from Psalm 27:14 this past Sunday and he challenged us to wait patiently for the birth of our Savior and for our prayers to be answered, but at the same time […]
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Neglected and Underdeveloped Knowledge Management

Inspired Ideas is glad to welcome another guest blogger this week, Howard Wolosky.  Howard’s own blog, Instigator (http://howardwolosky.blogspot.com) is the source of this post, where it appeared on September 9, 2009. Howard Wolosky is the former editor-in-chief of Practical Accountant and a former WebCPA.com columnist.  He is currently exploring opportunities as a director of editorial […]
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