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Do You Hear What I Hear?

It’s the sound of the holidays in full swing as we all prepare.  The question is, prepare for what? A lot of the sounds that I’ve been hearing are those of anxious buyers worried that they don’t have the right gifts purchased, pressured workers trying to wrap up all of their year-end loose ends so […]
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9/11— What Does It Mean To You?

As a child growing up in my family, 9/11 was always a time of celebration. My twin sisters were born on that day and my parents considered it a day God multiplied their blessing. We had parties, shared food, fun, and prayers of gratitude. On that day ten years ago, I feared that a cloud […]
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Soccer Anyone?

I found it exciting to watch the women of the USA and Japan play their very best game against each other last Sunday.  Both teams had reached their peak.  When it was over and Japan had won, despite the disappointment, the USA team members were champions to us all, too.  They congratulated the Japanese women […]
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Proud To Be An American – Part II

I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to refrain from opining about the mosque being built near ground zero.  As I’ve been watching the news and listening to the debates in my daily interactions on the topic, I keep going back to a statement I wrote in my blog post this past 4th […]
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If We Stay Together, We Survive

Difficult economic conditions are a great test of the strength of a professional services firm. A firm’s ability to weather the storm and come out on top depends on the speed at which they move from worry and fear to generating solutions and engaging as a team.  Unfortunately, we see that a lot of firms, […]
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Happy 233rd Birthday, U.S.A.!

On Saturday, we’ll celebrate the 233rd anniversary of the incorporation of our fine nation, the U.S.A.  The entrepreneurial spirit that has defined our nation was certainly in full glory when our founding fathers struck out on their own to found an independent entity where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were critical core values. […]
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