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Produce the Unimaginable – Give By-When’s!

Do you resist getting or giving by-when dates when assignments are being made? We study human nature and know that by-when dates can be the hardest thing to commit to. We understand that some of this resistance stems from wanting to “stay loose” and not have to risk a real deadline or being afraid to […]
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Are You Generationally Resentful?

We do a lot of consulting with leadership teams, partner groups and business owners. We regularly encounter tension between the young, up-and-comers and the “more mature,” still-working-but-leaving-in-a-few-years team members. Unfortunately, it seems that these generational groups form alliances and, as they become more entrenched in their “mini groups,” they stop listening to each other from […]
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Social (On-line) Networking – It’s For Real!

A valued client of ours, Kathy Beck of Beck & Co., CPAs ( was lamenting whether she should build a LinkedIn profile and start developing virtual networking connections.  I suggested that I’d do it when she did it – never expecting her to submit to this silly notion. Not less than 3 days later and […]
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