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Is Busy A Good Thing?

Busy as a bee.  Busy is as busy does.  Busy season.  Busy, busy, busy.  Let’s get busy! Busy sounds like a good thing – or does it? defines the word busy as “not at leisure; otherwise engaged” or “actively and attentively engaged in work…”  As a leadership and marketing coach and consultant, I hear […]
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Believing is the first step in achieving what you want in life. As Norman Vincent Peale taught, “If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it you can become it.” At ConvergenceCoaching, we actively use visualization because it is one of the most powerful ways to fulfill on your dreams […]
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Produce the Unimaginable – Give By-When’s!

Do you resist getting or giving by-when dates when assignments are being made? We study human nature and know that by-when dates can be the hardest thing to commit to. We understand that some of this resistance stems from wanting to “stay loose” and not have to risk a real deadline or being afraid to […]
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Are You Generationally Resentful?

We do a lot of consulting with leadership teams, partner groups and business owners. We regularly encounter tension between the young, up-and-comers and the “more mature,” still-working-but-leaving-in-a-few-years team members. Unfortunately, it seems that these generational groups form alliances and, as they become more entrenched in their “mini groups,” they stop listening to each other from […]
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Social (On-line) Networking – It’s For Real!

A valued client of ours, Kathy Beck of Beck & Co., CPAs ( was lamenting whether she should build a LinkedIn profile and start developing virtual networking connections.  I suggested that I’d do it when she did it – never expecting her to submit to this silly notion. Not less than 3 days later and […]
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