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Do You Know What Your Clients’ Silence Means?

When I teach topics like deepening client relationships and delivering exceptional client service, I discuss the importance of proactively meeting with clients outside of your regular engagement to further your relationship, identify any potential service issues and uncover new opportununities to add value.  Participants nod their heads in agreement and some even approach this discussion […]
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If You Want to Leave a (Positive) Legacy: Get Started Now

We just completed a 2,500 mile round trip to Houston to help our daughter Rachel relocate and begin her new career as a marketing assistant for a CPA firm. Angie and I are so proud of Rachel and happy to see her “moving off our payroll” and on to her own. Even so, we can’t […]
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What Does Employee Wellness Really Mean?

Increasingly, firms are focusing on “wellness” programs and their value in maintaining employee health and happiness. “Wellness” and other buzz phrases like “work-life balance” were once considered a low priority on the strategic totem pole. But today, these ideas are now commanding more attention as firms strive to enhance employee well-being and retention. In this […]
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Understanding How to Navigate Personality Differences on Teams

Do you love your job but struggle dealing with management? Do you look forward to getting together with your clients but avoid meeting with your co-workers? Are you partners with someone in business or in your personal life with whom you experience as difficult? Do you feel that you are ineffective in problem-solving with certain […]
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Leadership Spotlight: Kathy Kelly, Executive Director, Fort Worth Chapter TSCPA

Kathy Kelly is a powerhouse! As the Executive Director of The Fort Worth Chapter, Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, Kathy and her team serve approximately 2,600 members. Kathy has served the TSCPA for more than sixteen years and handles marketing and sales communications, volunteer leadership, human resources and financial management, and association management. Kathy […]
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