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Millennial Strategies For Taking Career Ownership

Brianna MarthMore By This AuthorMy ConvergenceCoaching team members and I have had a great three days attending the BDO Alliance conference in Las Vegas, exploring the theme of innovation and how it applies in all areas of practice management. During the conference, Jennifer Wilson and I taught a super interactive session on bridging generational complaints […]
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Maximizing Motivation

Renee MoeldersMore By This AuthorFor most of our clients, the spring busy season is over (hooray!), and that creates some time and space to focus on yourselves and your firms. It’s my hope that you’ll use this time to renew your focus on your team members, too, by making a real effort get to know […]
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Leadership Spotlight: Colleen Murray, Director of Operations, Perkins & Co

Brianna MarthMore By This AuthorColleen Murray is the fiery, forward-thinking Director of Operations at Perkins & Co, based in Portland, OR. She oversees and sets strategy for the Human Resources Department and is responsible for all aspects of firm operations including cross-departmental projects, administration, implementation of strategic initiatives, and participating as a member of the […]
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Personality Approaches to Innovation

Sylvia LaneMore By This AuthorIn our work with clients as coaches and consultants, we often offer the option of completing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment tool, which identifies sixteen basic personality types to help individuals learn about their personality. Learning your personality type helps individuals work toward their goals in a manner which more […]
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ConvergenceCoaching Turns “Sweet 16!”

Jennifer WilsonMore By This AuthorWow! It is hard to believe that on April 1, our ConvergenceCoaching team celebrated our 16th anniversary. What a wonderful and blessed journey we’ve enjoyed so far! Since co-founding our firm with my dear friend, Jim Metzler to growing to an 11-member team focused on making life-changing differences for our clients, […]
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