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Changing Personality Dynamics

Sylvia LaneMore By This AuthorRecently, I have been exploring causes of changes in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) results that individuals could experience as you mature and grow.  The MBTI® identifies basic personality preferences, and one of the reasons we like this instrument is because of its preference scale that shows your degree of preference […]
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One Simple Trait to Better Relate to Your Team

Brianna JohnsonMore By This AuthorThink back to someone in your life who was a great leader and manager. What qualities made them a great leader? Why did you relate to them? We are lucky to work with a number of great leaders in the partners and managing partners of our client firms and also with […]
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Assigning Ownership Accelerates Your People Development

Renee MoeldersMore By This AuthorWith so much transition and retirement happening in public accounting, people development is a hot topic. Firms are wondering what they can do to accelerate their team member’s learning and get them ready faster, and are creating innovative new training programs to do so. But there’s a missing component in our […]
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We Are Better Because of Our Diversity

Tamera LoerzelMore By This Author As our nation gets ready to celebrate our 240th birthday, I am always thankful for the freedoms and “unalienable rights” that our founding fathers, members of our armed forces and many others have fought to protect and defend. More than ever, I am aware of the wonderful diversity and inclusion […]
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Leadership Spotlight: Janice Maiman, CAE, SVP at the AICPA

Brianna JohnsonMore By This AuthorJanice Maiman is the Senior Vice President of Communications, Media, News and Professional Pathways at the AICPA. Janice has always impressed us with her tireless pursuit of excellence and her ability to get the best performance from others.  In her role at the Institute, Janice directs brand management, media relations, creative […]
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