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What Gender Issue?

Jennifer WilsonMore By This AuthorMany question whether a gender issue exists in our profession. I did not expect to encounter this issue as part of the INSIDE Public Accounting/ConvergenceCoaching research study, “The Road to Retention: Motivators and Drivers for Young Public Accounting Professionals.” What I anticipated was generationally-focused feedback highlighting the differences between mature and […]
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“Fall” Into Wellness

Brianna JohnsonMore By This AuthorIt’s hard to believe we’re already half way through the month of September. Hopefully, you have had a successful and productive eight and a half months so far and are gearing up for a strong finish in the remainder of the year. Many of you are working through your second busiest […]
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What You Think About Your Younger Staff May Not Be True

Christina CamaraMore By This AuthorThis guest blog features Chris Camara, managing editor of the monthly INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) newsletter. We’ve greatly enjoyed working with Chris and the IPA team on developing “The Road to Retention: Motivators and Drivers for Young Public Accounting Professionals.” In this week’s post, Chris explores common misconceptions about young professionals […]
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Time Flies: So Don’t Wait To Get Started!

Jack LeeMore By This AuthorThis summer, I had the opportunity to share “words of wisdom” with several high school graduates all of whom had plans to attend college this fall.  I simply said to each one, “Now you understand how fast four years goes by.”  And each graduate gave me a look that confirmed their […]
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Leadership Spotlight: Aimee Allen

Brianna JohnsonMore By This AuthorMeet Aimee Allen, our Sales and Marketing Coordinator at ConvergenceCoaching, and wrangler of the many responsibilities that fall within those areas. Among those responsibilities, Aimee champions our email and newsletter communications, directs our social media presence and coordinates our sales meetings and related activities. Prior to joining ConvergenceCoaching, Aimee spent over […]
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