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There Is No Try!

Tamera LoerzelMore By This AuthorI’ve written several blogs on the power of giving – and asking for – by-when dates. However, it can be common to hear a little word get in the way of commitments — the word “try.” I’m amazed how much the word “try” shows up as I go through my day. […]
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What Is Your Reality?

Brianna MarthMore By This AuthorI was struck by an October article published in the New York Times entitled, “What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?”, highlighting some of the research conducted by well-known psychologist and Harvard professor, Ellen Langer. My mother (a long-time advocate of promoting mindfulness in your daily life) had sent it […]
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Everyday Gratitude

Tamera LoerzelMore By This AuthorAs I contemplated writing our blog for Thanksgiving week, I was reminded of all the things I’m grateful for that I think are worth mentioning because they likely resonate with many of you: My loving husband and children, family and friends My colleagues and clients and the privilege of making a […]
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Anytime, Anywhere Work: Measuring Something Other Than Time

Jennifer WilsonMore By This AuthorThis is the third installment of our blog series on the results of our survey on the adoption of flexible work initiatives within public accounting firms. We heard from 99 distinct firms and, in two prior blogs, we’ve shared the Survey Results and the Benefits of Anytime, Anywhere Work. In this […]
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Leadership Spotlight: Julie Miller, Business Writing That Counts

Michelle BacaMore By This AuthorWe met Julie Miller, founder and president of Business Writing That Counts! at a Washington Society of CPAs Women’s Conference. We were so impressed with her message that we invited her to participate in our Leadership Spotlight series. Julie is a business writing expert, author, speaker, and trainer. She helps her […]
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