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Building Trust – What It Really Takes

As we move into this new year and new decade, one of the things that seems definite for us is change.  As my colleague, Tamera Loerzel, explored in her blog Who Are You Going to Be In The Face Of Change, whether it’s our economy, our government, our weather patterns, the foods we eat, or […]
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Giving Trust As A Holiday Gift

This holiday season, I have been exploring the possibility of giving something that is intangible but still valuable and long-lasting.  So many of the clients that I have worked with recently have been dealing with issues of trust.  I decided to use some of the knowledge that I have learned and applied professionally in a […]
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Life Benefits From Death Experiences

"Tomorrow is not promised to any of us."  A dear friend used to remind me of this when she'd hear of an untimely death.  Recently, we've witnessed many well-known people leave us unexpectedly and some of us have had personal losses, too.  These losses have caused me to pay closer attention to the life that […]
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Living In The Now

Lately, I've noticed myself juggling three very interesting and exciting work projects.  I've been feeling pulled by these cross purposes because when I am working on Project A, I'll get a call on Project B and shift my focus.  Then, when I am thinking about Project B, something new turns up on Project C and […]
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What’s Your Personal Stimulus Plan?

As we watch the day-to-day activities in Washington, we constantly hear about various ways to "jump-start" the banking system, "stimulate" the housing market, or "streamline" the healthcare system. With all the worry in our country about our economy, many people are cynical and angry, others are anxious and in a state of panic and some […]
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Resolving To Be Positive in 2009

As I move into the new year, I think of making resolutions to change as so many of us do.  In just noticing the word "resolve," the first syllable feels like a repeat or "do-over."  The second syllable feels like finding answers to a problem.  When I contemplate this word, I ask myself whether or […]
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