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Three “Be” Strategies to Develop Your Confidence Through Feedback

I’ve never been a fan of critical feedback. Entering situations where potential conversations related to my performance are a possibility, my little voice goes into high gear trying to convince me that I am a complete failure and fraud and yelling at me saying I’d be better off to just quit. This means going into […]
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Three Keys to Being Your True Self

I have recently moved from student to teacher in the culmination of years of dreaming and hard work.  In my first-ever semester as an adjunct professor for my alma mater, Franklin Pierce University, I have managed some nerves while balancing a lot of excitement. I have envisioned how each week will play out, how the […]
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Invest in Your People with Intentionality

I have recently started tuning out the noise of the political discourse when watching the evening news clips. I find myself asking how we got here and in turn how we have an educated, successful business man elected as president, who does not seem to relate to the people of our great country. I can’t […]
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Emerging Trends Facing Public Accounting

ConvergenceCoaching collaborates with the AICPA CPA Insider, Accounting Today and other publications to provide our readers with perspectives on the top issues, challenges and emerging trends facing the public accounting profession. As our profession continues to experience rapid change, sharing knowledge and best practices is important. Below you’ll find recent content to help you with […]
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Being Willing to be Uncomfortable Makes Us Inspirational Leaders

I recently read an article that focused on the importance of continued learning as an essential element of individual growth. This made me reflect on the meaning of continued learning and how it intersects through our lives. To me, it is more about self-awareness and learning through failure than it is subject matter expertise. Just […]
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Embracing Change Drives Growth

Change is scary. For some, change is forced upon us and for others, it is chosen.  Regardless of the origin, the uncertainty of the unknown often creates anxiety and fear. It is for this reason that many of us stay the course in unhappy routines or unhealthy habits.  We know what to expect and therefore, […]
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